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The Halal Industry in Nigeria

In 2020, the worldwide Halal Industry was projected to grow by $3 trillion. This represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and new outfits in the Industry. From banking, to construction and the food subniches, the Halal Industry holds several opportunities and rewards for willing investors.

This is clearly shown by the opportunities in the Nigerian Halal market industry. In a country with 100 Muslims, the Halal Industry is relatively young and budding. That means early-comers can create a huge followership. The good news is that it is not yet too late to gain entry into the market at the ground level.

At IFING Media, we are positioned to make your entry and expansion into the market as seamless as possible. With expert, well-trained hands on deck to push your ideas and products to the huge and untapped market, we create a well-defined path to the top of your niche.

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